Từ vựng IELTS Speaking – Topic 5 – Family

– sibling /ˈsɪblɪŋ/ (n) anh chị em ruột
– nuclear family (n) gia đình hai thế hệ
– extended/multigenerational family (n) gia đình nhiều thế hệ
– close/distant relative (n) (=relation) họ hàng gần/xa
– household chore /ˈhaushəuld/ /tʃɔːr/ (n) (housework) việc vặt trong nhà
– have a family reunion /riːˈjuːnjən/: sum họp gia đình
– strengthen family bonds: làm gia tăng sự gắn kết trong gia đình
– generation gap (n) khoảng cách thế hệ
– conflict /ˈkɔnflɪkt/ (n) sự xung đột
– close-knit family/community
– homesick (adj) nhớ nhà

Idioms and phrases

get on well with (=get along well with): hòa hợp với ai đó
He doesn’t get on well with his daughter.

pay a call/visit to sb = visit sb
Why don’t you pay us a visit next time you’re in town?
She paid me a call while I was in the hospital.

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