Từ vựng IELTS Speaking – Topic 6 – Friends

– companion /kəmˈpænjən/ (n) friend: bạn
– confidant /ˈkɔnfɪdænt/ (n) soul mate: bạn tâm giao
– enjoy the company/companionship of sb: thích dành thời gian với ai đó
– shared interest (n) sở thích chung
– socialize /ˈsəuʃəl-aɪz/ (v) (with) giao thiệp
– extroverted /ˈekstrəvəːtɪd/ (adj) hướng ngoại
– introverted /ˈɪntrəvəːtɪd/ (adj) hướng nội
– extrovert (n) người hướng ngoại
– introvert (n) người hướng nội
– gossip (v) ngồi lê đôi mách
– gathering place (n) nơi gặp gỡ

Idioms and phrases

hang out
They’re hanging out at the beach.

get together (with): gặp
We must get together for a drink sometime.

shoot the breeze: tán ngẫu
We sat out on the porch, just shooting the breeze.

have something in common: có điểm chung

lend/give a helping hand to someone: giúp ai đó
Many people lent me a helping hand in making arrangements for the party.

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