Writing Task One – 25/4/2019

The bar chart shows the percentage of car manufactures’ total car sales in different regions from 2006 to 2010.

The bar chart reveals the changes in the proportion of cars sold by car producers in four different parts of the world between 2006 and 2010.

Overall, European and Asian car manufactures sold far more automobiles than the other two regions. In addition, Europe was the only area where the percentage of total car sales increased, almost doubling over this time period.       

At the start, only a quarter of cars were sold by European car makers, but by 2010 this figure had risen to a peak of 50%, the highest of all. By contrast, the percentage of cars sold by manufacturers in Asia started at 35%, rising slightly to a high of 38% before a considerable fall to 30% at the end of the period.

In North America, the figures showed a declining trend throughout the period, falling from 29% in 2006 to a low of only 9% by the last year. Similarly, 2006 to 2008 witnessed a steady decrease in the proportion of South America’s total car sales from 11% to the lowest point of 6%, although it rose rapidly to the 2006 figure over the last two years.






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