Nội dung chi tiết khóa học Writing Online

nội dung chi tiết khóa học writing online

Task 1

Module 1 | Introduction

Make the Most of This Course in 7 Steps
An Overview of Academic Writing Task 1
Learning Vocabulary
Key Grammar

Module 2 | Tables

Understand and Paraphrase the Task
Vocabulary for Paraphrasing
The Main Trends and Features
Writing the Overview
Structuring your Answer
Useful Vocabulary and Common Mistakes
Useful Grammar: Complex Noun Phrases

Module 3 | Line Graphs

Key Verbs for Describing Line Graphs
Important Adverbs
Adjective and Noun Phrases
Time and Contrast
Trends and Prepositions

Module 4 | Pie Charts

Analysing Pie Charts
Picking out Data and Vocabulary
Useful Linking Words
Fractions and Percentages
Two Sets of Data in One Task

Module 5 | Bar Charts

Introduction and Prepositions
Noticing Main Trends
Contrasting Data
Contrast (Concessive) Clauses
More Complex Charts
Bar with Pie Charts

Module 6 | Processes

Types of Processes and Introductions
Industrial Processes
The Passive Voice

Module 7 | Maps

Introduction Paraphrase
The Overview
Vocabulary | Locations
Vocabulary | Verbs
Structure of Your Answer
Final Comments


Task 2

Module 1 | Introduction
Introduction to the Course
Task Response
Coherence and Cohesion
Lexical Resource
Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Module 2 | Opinion Essays

Task Analysis and Relevant Ideas
Writing the Introduction
Thesis Statements
Giving Opinions with Adverbs
Generating Ideas
The Passive Voice
Prepositions and Essay Analysis
Structuring the Essay
Linking Words
Relative Clauses
Relevant Ideas 2
Subordinating Clauses
Opinion Essay Analysis
Relative Clauses 2
Advantages / Disadvantages Essays

Module 3 – Discussion Essays
Linking Words and Phrases 1
Noun Clauses
Thesis Statements 2
Topic Sentences 1
Topic Sentences 2
How to Write Body Paragraphs
Contrasting Clauses with ‘While’
Linking Words and Phrases 2
Reason Clauses
Academic Vocabulary
Contrasting Language
Using Articles
Linking Words and Phrases 3
Discussion Essays 2


Module 4 | Problem Solution Essays
Problems or Causes – Solutions Essays
Academic Vocabulary 2
Academic Collocations
Verb Substitution
Cause and Effect Language
Cause and Effect Prepositions
Vocabulary in Context 1
Vocabulary in Context 2
Result Clauses
Linking Words and Phrases 4
Problems – Solutions Essays 2
Linking Words and Phrases | Indeed and In fact
How to Write a Conclusion
Active Participle Clauses
Passive Participle Clauses
Problems – Solutions Essays 3
Final Comments




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