Writing Task One (bar chart) – 6/4/2019

Sample essay

The bar chart displays the changes in the proportion of people being overweight for both genders in Australia over a 30-year period from 1980 to 2010.

Looking first as a whole, the percentage of overweight men and women increased over this period of time, although the figure for males remained significantly larger than that for their counterparts.

At the start, the percentage of overweight males stood at just under 50%, followed by a slight rise to roughly 53% in 1990. After that, it rose dramatically over the next 10 years to reach a peak of precisely 70% by 2000 before falling marginally to around 67% at the end of the period.

By contrast, the proportion of women who were overweight began much lower at only 30%, the lowest figure overall; although it also experienced a rapid climb over the next 20 years to its highest point of exactly 50% in 2000, remaining unchanged at that level during the rest of this period.

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